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Not Dueling Banjos Again! - This one is GOOD


AMAZING! Ben should do a lesson on dueling banjo’s, it would be the first guitar and banjo duet on the website and would be a lot of fun

Hi Jason

It seems that he did a lesson some years ago, banjo & guitar but due to copyright has he has removed it. If you email him he may still have the TAB.

@jfest did you end up emailing Ben to see if he still had the tab?

Dave was brilliant and a great loss to the banjo world. Glad his music and style lives on in the many videos he recorded and put up by his family on YouTube. :+1:


Awesome clip. First time caller. Before becoming a member I used to check out a Banjo Ben You Tube lesson for duelling banjo but I think he called it lonesome banjo. It’s no longer on the website. Does anyone have a tab?

Hi Graham if you are a GoldPick Member send @BanjoBen an email and he may be able to help.

If not try this link

You will need TefView or TablEdit to view/play this tab

Thanks Archie. Much appreciated. A fair few new tunes to get into.

Hi Graham. I should warn you, Xavier Baron’s arrangement is a tough one to get your head round if you are a beginner/ intermediate level student. I’ve managed to play it through a couple of times without a train wreck. But I have not played it in a long while and I know I would struggle to get through it. Good luck with that one.

Just had the chance to listen this one through. Is a bit of a beast but will muddle through. Some great licks to add to the repertoire. Hey Archie, being relatively new to the Gold Pick Member thing how do I email @banjoben to ask for the tab. I tried through the Help link but not sure if that’s the way to go.

Here you go Graham


I like this rendition - tying in the whole band.

Entertaining little twist on it and their show would seem to be a real hoot.

Thanks for posting @Archie.

I know we all can count on you to search what’s out there and find these gems… so thanks again!

I just can’t tire of hearing this tune…

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I LOVE dueling banjos, I can play it both on the guitar and banjo, the only problem is I can’t play them both at the same time!

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Like this Harrison.


Lazy Slacker! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did he partition his brain to be able to do that?? :wink: