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Not Bluegrass

I know this isn’t Bluegrass related but it’s a piece off musical history that should be noticed.I just saw a story that Little Richard has passed! ( 87yrs old ) He was an icon and a huge influence to so many musicians and musical groups .an original rock and roll hall of fame inductee as well as a minister and mentor. He like so many other’s this year will be missed. We need to keep our musical heritage alive for the future of all music and upcoming musicians. The particulars genre of music doesn’t matter it’s all precious and important. My prayers for his family and friends. Just a thought folks. Thank’s for listening.


Hi Jon, the BBC reported his passing on their website today. Little Richard was very popular over here in the UK back in the 50’s and early 60’s My older brother Pete introduced me to Boogie Woogie and I have been a life long fan of Rock n Roll and Little Richard ever since.


Thanks for the response, he had a big influence on what I’ve come to appreciate about all kinds of music and styles. I love the sound of the Boogie Woogie piano! Get’s me jumpin for sure. Appreciate the videos too, brings back memories.:sunglasses:


We lost a pioneer (in more ways than one) today. I remember watching a documentary with him in it years ago. It’s hard to believe what black musicians had to go through just to be able to perform back in his time. I’m grateful they endured the hardships. Music is better for it.