Northfield Big Mon single-piece back...whoa


A student ordered a Big Mon. It’ll get here Friday, but Northfield sent me this photo. The single-piece back is a $200 upgrade, but since this is the only Big Mon they could get me, they waived the fee. I’m about to have a very, very happy student.



Thanks for all that you do for us @BanjoBen
I bought my Mandolin from you too! And it was a great experience all the way through.


I didn’t know you allowed porn on your forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s really sweet! A person would have to be crazy not going thru Ben’s store.


Saucy. Nice job on the tint too.


Here we go…the best brand new mandolin I’ve ever played!


I love videos like this, @Ben, because it looks like you’re just up in your cabin having the time of your life!


Wow… even on my tiny iPhone speakers I can tell a difference. It just sounds bigger. I’m surprised it doesn’t sacrifice the top end for that big sound.

Maybe I’ll outgrow my 515 someday. Maybe. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video!


Beautiful sound! Oh, and BTW, thanks for the Easter egg whiskey lesson. Now that I know we can slow down the vids, I can emulate that tasty little rendition you played (at about 4:00) in the Big Mon video. :wink:


Nice nice tone! Congrats to whoever bought it.