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Northfield Big Mon single-piece back...whoa

A student ordered a Big Mon. It’ll get here Friday, but Northfield sent me this photo. The single-piece back is a $200 upgrade, but since this is the only Big Mon they could get me, they waived the fee. I’m about to have a very, very happy student.



Thanks for all that you do for us @BanjoBen
I bought my Mandolin from you too! And it was a great experience all the way through.


I didn’t know you allowed porn on your forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s really sweet! A person would have to be crazy not going thru Ben’s store.

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Saucy. Nice job on the tint too.

Here we go…the best brand new mandolin I’ve ever played!


I love videos like this, @Ben, because it looks like you’re just up in your cabin having the time of your life!


Wow… even on my tiny iPhone speakers I can tell a difference. It just sounds bigger. I’m surprised it doesn’t sacrifice the top end for that big sound.

Maybe I’ll outgrow my 515 someday. Maybe. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video!


Beautiful sound! Oh, and BTW, thanks for the Easter egg whiskey lesson. Now that I know we can slow down the vids, I can emulate that tasty little rendition you played (at about 4:00) in the Big Mon video. :wink:

Nice nice tone! Congrats to whoever bought it.

How do you like your 515?

I am looking to make a Mando purchase for about $1,000. What advice or input would you offer to me, Mark?

I love my 515! I played a couple of others in that price range. I felt like they didn’t have the warmth the 515 has. Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful. Here’s a video I made about it if you’re interested.


Nice mandolin, nice tune, and nice playing. Looks like we have good things to look forward to from you, Mark!

Thanks Dan! Unfortunately, ever since Ben announced the camp at his house next spring, all of my practice time is either spent on the banjo in preparation for it, or on the drums working on material for church. I really need to clone myself. :slight_smile:



I am so happy and encouraged by your words. Thanks for getting me even more fired up than I already was!

I opted for the rustic 315. - Matte finish and all! Honestly, I was on the fence between 515 and 315. This is why I asked. Thanks for the post… what a nice instrument- Congrats Sir!

Three points toppled the scale to the 315 for me:

  1. I liked the sound of the 315 in a video I heard on YouTube - directly comparing the two models. The 315 sounds very “woody” of maybe “Woodsy” - if I can describe it that way. More bark and less bright… in that side-by-side sampling where the exact same songs were demonstrated.
  2. Jake said the model he got in had upgraded components - although I cannot recall the exact details.
  3. Value/Price - I am budget conscious (new house purchase in April) and as a complete newbie to Mando… I also had accessories to get to take care of the instrument properly… a complete “Starter Kit” which adds up quickly!

My kit is scheduled to arrive Monday!

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I was on the fence for the 315 as well. It’s a great instrument!

Looking forward to your review.