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No Mobile Messages?

For the life of me, I cannot find any way to access my messages from the browser on my Android phone.

Any chance of an app in the future?

There’s supposed to be a small bar that includes a search button and your avatar in the forum. Unfortunately, sometimes that bar is there and sometimes it isn’t. When it’s there, you can access your PMs by tapping on your avatar.

The dev team has been made aware of the issue. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon.

In fact, when I read your message, the bar I mentioned wasn’t visible. After I hit reply, it was visible again. It looks like this when you can see it.


Thanks Mark, no joy here anywhere. OBW, I’m using Chrome on a Galaxy S7 Edge.


Ok, found a way. In a post or reply I can click my red colored circle “B” initial on the left and it opens a pull down for “ACTIVITY” that shows messages. But it’s definitely a bit convoluted.

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Good to know! Thanks for the info!

Glad to help!