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New to site need help

Congrats Ben on the new site!!! looks really cool.

Is there a tutorial or something on how to use some of the new features? I am not the most tech savy person when it comes to computers or new things. I want to get the most of this new site.
Were you able to get any approval to post lessons by the classic masters? Like Foggy Mtn Breakdown, Petticoat Junction or Blue Moon of Kentucky?

Maybe I am making it too complicated than it is, but I guess that is my old school brain working.

I have been back in college this fall (at the age of 57) so I have been juggling books and stuff, learning about Molecular Biotechnology- DNA work. Plus I am working 2 part time jobs, thus I haven’t paid much attention to this site and I haven’t played much in the last 10 weeks. Now I want to get back into playing and BanjoBen is the only way to go.

Thanks and Bless you and all the folks who helped you with this.

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I can’t speak to the lessons on copyrighted material, but I can answer a few of the other questions.

First, glad you like the new site! I don’t think any of us, including those of us who have been helping Beta test, have any idea how much effort Ben has put in to this. I’ve been thrilled with all of the positive reviews.

Now, about your questions. The first thing to notice is that, similar to the last site, you can pick lessons by instrument, but this site takes it many steps further. The search feature is WAY better, and there are also filters now so you can get a list of lessons on a specific theme, like Christmas songs or songs in the key of D. Then, once you pick a lesson, that lesson’s page has links to related lessons, either more in the same series, or the same lesson on a different instruments.

The next big feature that I’m loving is the Live CabinStream. You’ll see any upcoming CabinStreams when you first log in to the site. For example, Ben has a mandolin CabinStream coming up tomorrow at 6:30pm. You can see it here:

Also, have you seen the Learning Tracks yet? They’re at the top of each instrument lessons page. It’s a list of all of the lessons with check boxes so you can check off lessons you’ve completed. As an added bonus, videos will now remember where you left off so you can pick it back up at a future date / time.

Among my favorite new additions are all of the high quality Jam Tracks Ben has created to play along with. For several of his lessons, especially the newer ones, Ben has created Jam Tracks in 3 different speeds. They’re a load of fun to pick with.

I’m sure Ben will reply soon to fill in any blanks I’ve missed. Keep those questions coming!

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I addition to what @Mark_Rocka said, you might want to head on over to the blog ( ) where Ben has a welcome video detailing some of the new features on the sight. Might just be the tutorial you’re looking for, or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Thanks guys! Also, don’t forget to check out the Help page under the Site Resources and Using the Site. Honored to have you on board!