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New original! The Haunted Pantry Set

So here’s a tune with a story…
There’s some Owls living in our attic, and if you go into the pantry and make any noise, they get curious (or annoyed, I don’t know) and make a scratching noise, which sounds like it’s coming from the wall. It’s really creepy if you’re not expecting it. So I started composing with the name already in mind, and these criteria for the tune:

  1. I was gonna write it on fiddle not mandolin
  2. It was to be in a minor key
  3. I wanted it to be a reel
  4. I wanted to use left hand pizzicatos (plucking)
    So I set out composing, and got the whole tune written, and then realized that oh dang it’s a jig. So not one to be discouraged by my own stupidity, I wrote a companion tune with the same melody but as a reel. So that’s what the set is, the jig and then the reel (and then the jig again)
    I hope you enjoy it!

Hey man, that was awesome. I love the effect of the pluckiing!! Great work!!


That was great musicianship! Never saw left handed plucking, and I liked the minors…really cool.

The beginning reminded me a bit of “Fiddler on the Roof”. Great old musical if you haven’t seen it, with an incredible sound track.

What defines a jig, and what a reel?



I think I heard the owls at 1:50!


Thanks everyone!

Thanks, I’ve heard of it, but haven’t seen it

Basically, jigs are in 6/8 time (slip jig is 9/8 and a slide is 12/8) and reels are in 4/4 with a straight rhythm. Reels are usually faster.

Lol, nope that was one of my brothers :grimacing::speak_no_evil: I was in the other house recording this, but my mom pointed out last night that I should have filmed in the pantry… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Anything to do with the saying… “Dancing a jig”???

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Yep, a jig is a dance in 6/8, thus the tune is named for the dance. A reel, a slip jig, a slide, and a hornpipe are all dances also, in their respective time signatures

Jig. = A Celtic dancing step. Irish & Scottish

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Awesome… see ya can learn much more than banjer around this joint.


@Dragonslayer, your bow control is getting really good, you’re using all of your bow and the wrist looks great.


Thanks @BanjoBen!

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