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New original: Bugs in the Kitchen

So named for the abundant multitudes of cockroaches and ants which inhabited the food preparation area of the guesthouse where we stayed in Cape town. Hope you like it, and someone please tell me which Russ Carson tune I borrowed the A part from cuz I don’t know which one it was


Nice job, Gunnar! Was that @BanjoBen’s lick challenge melodic lick?

I believe that’s “Theme Time.”

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I see & hear much improvement Gunnar. Great Job

Does sound a bit like Theme Time a Bill Emerson number.


Nice fast bluegrass tune! Really good usage of the BB challenge lick, I still wish I could play it that fast.


Nice picking! Does sound like theme time but also kinda like little maggie a little bit, depending on who’s picking it! You actually used the words “abundant multitudes” to describe the kitchen at the guest house in Capetown… My ‘original’ woulda sounded more like high pitched shrieking noises with running feet… I’m not real good with bugs or snakes…


Thanks @Michael_Mark!

Sure was! It fits so many places, I got it three times in this one, and if you pay close attention the second time I used it in the B part I added a little in the middle to make the timing work. It’s an awesome lick

Yep! That’s the one, I’ve heard it a few times and accidentally “borrowed” it I guess…

Thanks Archie!

Thanks Harrison!

Thanks Simone!

Yeah, I’m kind of a nerd… :joy::joy: also I’m really chill about bugs in general because they’re so ubiquitous in Moz that I barely notice them anymore