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New original, Beaufort West

Here’s the first tune I wrote in 2020, and I played it under the sign to the Karoo national park, right outside the town it was named after, Beaufort West.
This town always gives me ghost town vibes, which partly inspired this tune, and I was happy to get to play it there!


Great sounding tune! Even had a vehicle horn hitting a couple bass notes for you. Thanks for sharing it @Dragonslayer

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That’s a nice tune, I bet I would sound good with melodic banjo. It’s in 3/4, right?

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Thanks Stuart! Lol, the passing vehicles are no extra charge, I like filming in cool places and there’s usually background noise, which just proves I’m not green screening lol.

@D_HRRFan7303 thanks! It probably would, but I’m not sure my banjo skills are up to it… yeah it’s in 3/4

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