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New original: Balaam's Donkey

Wrote this tune on Dec 31st, it’s a jig and I think it’s in Am, but I’m not sure.


I like it!

Very “Skaggsish”

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Very nice buddy!! great work!!

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Enjoyed that and certainly a Jig.

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Thanks! Yeah, I usually compose jigs accidentally, they’re just so much easier than reels

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Nice!! I really like the Irish sounding jigs. I think it’s in Amaj Mixolydian mode, like Clinch Mountain Backstep?


Thanks! I love Irish music, and play so much of it it definitely influences all my originals.
I just thought about it, and it very well could be in A modal, but if you look carefully I do use the minor third at the end of the second B part, but it could well be an accidental

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