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New original, a waltz in the dust

Here’s one I composed recently, it’s named for the dust which invariably accumulates on my fiddle within five minutes of having cleaned it. Hope you enjoy it!


lol… And as always, nice playing!

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I don’t know why, but when I saw the title in your post header “Dust In The Wind” popped into my head and I think that’s one of those songs, along with “Stairway To Heaven”, you’re typically forbidden to play in any guitar store, ever. And, I started playing violin in 3rd grade and played well into high school and for some reason, I took quite a dislike to it and so I quit.

So I had those uninvited bias’ going in. But WOW man, nice tune. I really enjoyed that. I’m still surprised you, thanks bud.

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Thanks Miss Maggie!
I didn’t know those songs were actually banned in guitar stores. That’s weird

Well, it’s because those songs were so great when they first came out but then were so overplayed and every garage band and rock star wanna be learned it and overplayed it til it became an embarrassment. Other songs in this category might include Smoke On The Water and Sweet Home Alabama, which is a cryin’ shame if’n ya ask me.

The movie Wayne’s World addressed this situation thusly:

Breaking the #1 Rule of Guitar Stores"

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Every time I go into a guitar store, the only thing I can play on electric guitar is Sweet Home Alabama. :joy:


Whenever I pick up an electric guitar, I usually play salt Creek (Ben’s advanced solo) which is really cool shredding on an electric. The other thing I play is hotel California, or sultans of swing


@Dragonslayer That’s my favorite video on the site. The intro is great, and the cross-eyes is even better… :joy::joy::joy::joy: C’mon @BanjoBen, you gotta do more stuff like that!

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