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New Northfield Mandolin Dealer

I just got in this Northfield F5S mando…I’ve heard about these for a long while and finally got to spend some time with this one. The price on these with case is $2,995–this mandolin is worth that, folks. If you’re interested reach out to me via email or call us at 833-BANJOBEN. We’ll get this incredible instrument to you.


Sweet :heart_eyes:

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Sounds nicely balanced & stustains very well.
If it’s as good live as it is on the video it’s an excellent deal…I could almost feel its vibration here.

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Man that thing sounds fantastic! I don’t think I’ll ever play mando well enough to justify $3000, but it’s fun to hear people that play well enough to.

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Almost nobody that owns a $3,000 mandolin plays well enough to “justify” it. But if I lived by that logic I’d wear paper sacks for underwear.

I really don’t know if that made sense, but I think you get the point.


What a beautiful mandolin… and you play it so well. :wink:

Seriously… Love the sound!

I’ve owned the F5S – this mando – for about three years now. I can’t say enough good things about it. Peter and Adrian – the guys heading up Northfield when I bought mine – were fantastic and dealt with me like I was buying a custom, $6,000+ instrument. They made great recommendations on tone woods, based on the sound I wanted (suggesting an Engelmann spruce top). The tone woods, by the way, are all sourced here in the USA – the instrument is assembled in China by a hand picked, Northfield employed team. If you’re committed to the mandolin (and I’m not a professional musician) this is money well spent.


This reminds me of what happened after this past Christmas: My wife and I were on our way back from spending Christmas in Sarasota with my Dad and I wanted to stop at the Duluth Trading store outside of Middletown, OH. It’s right off I-75 so we stopped. I’m sure you all have seen some of the Duluth Trading underwear commercials. They sell much more than just underwear BTW, It’s like a Carhart store on steroids!

This part of the story might be a little TMI but who cares?! My wife bought me a pair of these way overpriced underwear about a year ago and they really are as good as they claim. Really comfy too! This is why we stopped. Anyway, my wife and I were waiting in the counter line and I looked over to the other line and there’s Joe Mullins and his daughter! It appeared he was returning a few items, most likely Christmas gifts. We talked for a little while, found out we both were married the exact same day (June 20th 1987) at 2:00. (Not to each other). We’re also the same age as well as our kids.

The point: I’m a professional on site propane technician, Joe is a popular and professional musician/businessman/radio station host (and owner I believe). Whatever we are in life, we all have to wear underwear… or at least paper sacks! So it’s ok to treat yourself to nicer things once in a while as long as you can afford it.

I think what Ben is saying (and I agree), you don’t have to be a certain caliber player before you have the right to own a high end instrument. We all work hard for our money and have the right to buy what we want once in a while… again, as long as we can afford it and we’re responsible.

I’ll close now, but first I want you all to know. Now I have two pair of Duluth Trading underwear (for special occasions only). The rest of the time, it’s whatever is on sale at Wal-Mart!

Boy, I sure hope Joe doesn’t find this!



Excellent post! Small world with you and Joe. I have two pair of those fancy red Duluth underpants…they are great.

My wife loves Duluth Trading and I too have some of that high dollar underwear. My underwear story (we are on underwear stories now right?) was a few years ago. The wife and I were headed up to Northern California coastal streams for some winter steelhead fishing. Because a lot of the access roads are muddy, rough, and remote, and I like to bring coffee and sandwiches in case the fish aren’t biting, I opted to drive my old four wheel drive pickup truck. There is an old saying, “You don’t have to be crazy to fish for steelhead, but it helps.” That is generally because the weather is terrible. I didn’t want to put our clothes in the back of the truck, so everything was stowed behind the seats. We were all packed up and ready to go when at the last minute I realized I didn’t have my banjo. (We were renting a house for a long weekend and it would be a perfect place to fish all day, pick all night.) I took a couple bags out to make room for the banjo, ran in the house, grabbed the banjo, tossed it in, and away we went.

It wasn’t until we got there that I realized I didn’t put all the bags back in the car. The only really important item missing was my underwear. How can a self-respecting person fish for winter steelhead with no underwear? The town we were near had one of those “we’ve got everything” hardware stores. They did have just about everything, including a pack of underwear my size. The salesmen proved that in addition to having everything on the shelves, they had a great sense of humor in stock too. They were killing themselves laughing as my wife recounted the tale of how I left my underwear behind in favor of a banjo. It was a little embarrassing, but we had a lot of fun on that trip. That sort of thing probably doesn’t happen to sophisticated mandolin players.