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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share this joyous day with you guys.
I just received my new F-Style Mandolin. It is absolutely beautiful. A beautiful set up by @Jake , as well as amazing packaging that could’ve probably stopped a bullet from every hurting the mando.

Thanks you also @BanjoBen for the sweet deal and covering the shipping costs.

P.S: The mando arrived last week on Friday, but I had them hold it at the FedEx location because I wasn’t gonna be home to receive it. So the General Store still holds the record for fastest delivery time !




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She sure is pretty!

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I’m so happy for you, buddy! I appreciate your support of the store and it’s our honor to get you taken care of.

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Welcome aboard my friend. Good luck in your journey and you practice!

PS: Whats helped me over the years? I never put my instruments away. I have a stand that makes them instantly accessible for practicing. :smiley:

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@Deere_Crossing thanks so much ! I appreciate your kind words. I try to have my instruments out as well so that I am encouraged to play them when I have the time , but I worry about humidification affecting the instrument. Is that something that you monitor as well?

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Regarding humidity, I probably don’t give the care to my instruments that they deserve. I normally try to keep the humidity in the house about the same all year, but can get tricky in the winter months as it gets very dry! I believe some instruments are affected more than others (e.g. guitar vs banjo) Humidity might be a good reason for keeping in a case with a humidity device.

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Yea I try to do the same as you . I’ve never had any humidity issues with my instruments as well , especially my guitar , but that’s probably because my guitar has laminated back and sides , and I hear that laminated guitars are less prone to humidity issues . However , I don’t know if thats some sort of myth or not.