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New ideas for collaboration


I am new to the idea of collaborations and have found other beginner Mandolinist who was interested to collaborate.

We had our innaugral Zoom call yesterday and it went relatively well. I am encouraging him to become a member :wink:

That said, we discovered that zoom is obviously limited in being able to play simultaneously… so I ask.

Can you guys offer up some ideas for how we can collaborate effectively to share and learn?

I am looking for ideas from those of you who are used to online collaboration and/or offer ideas on how to sustain projects working online?

I have also considered to record/send and allow both to record… but don’t know even what software is good for this.


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Willcoop - I posted a similar question in the guitar section. I have been experimenting with jamkazam and sofasession through my PC. The lag is real but I’ve had better luck on jazkazam at slower tempos



Thanks…but sadly, believe it or not, my PC has no camera… Are these apps mobile/tablet friendly?

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Oh… Found this Jamkazam overview posted by @Bob and thought I’d paste it here for others to find:

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