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New Gold Pick Member

I finally have a Gold Pick Membership! Any lessons I should watch that are really good? I am just getting into the stuff, the Fretboard Geography lessons are really good. Hopefully @BanjoBen will consider me for GPOTW sometime during my (hopefully more than) one year.


Welcome @D_HRRFan7303,

Glad to have you in the ranks.

You are among many helpful and good people here.

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Yeah, Lonesome road blues, Dixie (doodle), and and wabash Cannonball. That’s if you want advanced lessons, they’re funnest for me, man of constant sorrow is an awesome intermediate one.

I think if you want to be featured you just send them an email expressing your interest and they’ll get back to you. You will have to get Parental approval if you’re under 18.

That’s a bit off topic… ok sorry, I wanted to experiment with whether I could put words in someone’s mouth :grin:

I have been working on Lonesome Road Blues, Black Mountain Rag in C, and Man of Constant Sorrow. And I just got addicted to Wayfaring Stranger on Mando!


Good on ya @D_HRRFan7303 Harrison :slight_smile: All the lessons are good. Even the beginner level lessons have value; you never know what little tidbits you might pickup. Ben has the lessons laid out nicely and efficiently in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lesson paths or tracks.

Even if you are an intermediate or advanced player, go back to the beginning and just go through each of them. If they are easy, great, then move on to the next. The skills learned in the beginner lessons build as you progress through the lesson tracks. When I became a Gold Pick member, even though I had played in the past, I started at the very beginning with the Introduction to Music Theory, the Banjo Boot Camp, How To Tune Your Banjo, etc. and I checked off each lesson as I went. Checking things off a list is very satisfying by the way. It was easy and not very time consuming, but I picked up some real neat little gems along the way that helped me later. And I’m reaping the benefits of that now.

If you don’t start at the beginning, here’s what’s gonna happen. You’ll get hung up on some tune or technique or concept or whatever. You’ll have to spend huge amounts of time trying to figure it out by trying different things, asking questions and probably suffering pain in your hands. You’ll get frustrated and discouraged and you’ll consider quitting. You will figure it out though, eventually. And weeks or months later, you be talking with someone or reading a post or you’ll stumble on one of the beginner lessons and you’ll see that missing piece of information or skill that you struggled with for so long and you’ll kick yourself and say “aw man, if I had only known that”… And here’s worst of it. All of that is going to happen more than once.

So, save time, effort and pain by being efficient. Take it from someone who has wasted a lot of time, effort and pain in her life by not being efficient. That’s my advice. However you approach it though, I wish you all the best on your journey young man, we’re all looking forward to see you develop.