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New Eastman Dreadnaught Guitars!

I’ve got 2 each of these unless @Jake steals one first! The mahogany E6D bundle is $839 plus shipping. The rosewood E8D bundle is $1,039 plus shipping (US only). Call Jake at 833-226-5623 (833-BANJOBEN) to snag one!

The bundle has over $225 in savings and includes:

  • Guitar and hard case
  • Pro setup
  • Strap button installation
  • Tony Rice leather guitar strap
  • Snark electronic tuner
  • Luxury pick and bluegrass string set
  • Banjo Ben case sticker and signature pick

These are seriously good guitars. Playing them got me all goose pimpled.


…Plus, they look so good that it really takes the attention away from my not so good looks. Haha.

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