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New DELL Laptop/HELP!

Hello! I just got issued a new comp from work so what’s the first thing I need? HELP!!! I was wondering what the best TEF file app would be for my new Dell? and is there a voice memo app( for recording and play back of my practice sessions) that is better than the next? I’m a beginner and am not the computer wiz like the rest of you. I need something that is user friendly and not overly complicated. Open to recommendations from the techies out there. Remember, I’m a beginner Banjoist and a Carpenter with limited computer skills so to technical don’t work :upside_down_face: Thanks in advance for the help Y’all. :sunglasses: P.S. it’s a DELL 5420 rugged with windows 10 and a core 15 8th gen ? if that’s relevant.


I dunno about the “best,” but the default seems to be TEFView. It may even already be installed as part of your Multimedia Tools.
If you still need to download it, it’s free and available all over the place, including the developer’s site

For recording & playback, try Audacity. It’s free and is surprisingly good.

Of course, you will have to have a mic and audio input, and you may have to tamper with some of your settings, but there’s always the “Help” button!

And for video recording, I highly recommend smart phone held on to a stick by a rubber band. It handles your audio and you can post it easily to Mr. Internet!


I saw your Phone on a stick trick! very creative I must say :wink: I got the video part coverd. I’m still messing with my Go-Pro and that’s gonna work for that. Thanks for the suggestions for the app’s They will do nicely :sunglasses:


I’ve used Audacity some and find it pretty much self-explanitory! That being said someone did kindof run me through it


Thanks, tryin to get all the apps I need is very intense! I’m just an old carpenter that’s just good enough on a computer to get myself in to trouble with a quickness! :wink: Then I resort back to old habits and shoot! :sunglasses:


@jon1, Before you attempt any install on your work computer, make sure you have admin rights. As otherwise your software install could abort requiring clean up before re-install with valid rights. Here is how you check it…


Awesome will do! thanks for the heads up.