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New avatar I got, figured it out

Howdy folks in BanjoBen land,

I just posted a new avatar (yes, I am non geek) so it isn’t just a D. Hope to meet more folks here and learn from y’all and hopefully give back also. I play banjo and mandolin and am learning as much as I can soak in and practice from Ben, between studies for a new career. If I wasn’t a scientist, I would be a musician by trade. Wish I could do both all the time. I fish I hunt I play music and work in a lab. Thanks


I like the avatar. I love to fish and always wanted to learn fly fishing for trout. We have a few stocked trout and a very few wild trout in the n ga mountains but it’s too far of a drive for me to be a regular trout fisherman.

Great to have you, @DLS