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Need help identifying these songs please

Hi Guys, I know most of these songs, I’ve heard them many times, but I just can’t think of the titles. 1 and 2 might even be the same song, but I’m not sure.
A little help?






#6 - I can’t even understand the lyrics in this one

#7 - Can’t understand these lyrics either

I believe #4 is “Big Mon.” Not sure about the rest, though.

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#5 is foggy mountain special, #4 is big Mon, sounds like it’s played on a 16 weber Yellowstone with a tad 60 bc pick bs.


#2 is “Shuckin’ the Corn”
#5 is Foggy Mountain Special
#6 is apparently sung to the tune of “The Great Speckled Bird”

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  1. Train 45
  2. Shucking the Corn
  3. Big Sandy River
  4. Big Mon
  5. foggy Mtn speacial
  6. I Wonder Where you are tonight
    Sorry don’t know #7

Thanks y’all, that’s a huge help.

#7 was on a classic Flatt & Scruggs album with Jimmy Brown the News Boy and The Johnson Boys. I think it is called Short Life of Trouble. I must look it up, lost the vinyl disc, how Lester’s sound imbedded itself into my heart.


You nailed it John. I looked up the lyrics to Short Life Of Trouble and now I can understand the words the guy is singing. The only word I could make out before was “trouble”. And I searched for Short Life Of Trouble on Youtube and the tune matches as well.

Thanks @jonny1 , thanks @fiddle_wood, @Deere_Crossing, @Dragonslayer, and @Michael_Mark :hugs:


That was a fun quiz @MissMaggie :wink:

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Well, I tell ya, this forum is such a great resource, eh?