Nechville Saturn Banjo


For Sale: Nechville Saturn 5-string banjo

See specs here:

Price, including hard case, shipping to lower 48, and Gold Pick membership time: $3,285

Give me a call at 833-BANJOBEN and let’s get this banjo in your hands!

Learn more about Nechville design here:


One of my friends has a Nechville and he let me try it out one time. Great sounding banjos, not as good as my Stelling which he had his eye on. That’s a great offer Ben somebody is going to really happy pickin that little beauty.


I love the concept of the construction. That system of tuning the head is what I would think most drummers dream of.
I love simplicity. This one is going on my list of favorites.


I own two Nechville banjos, a Saturn and a Moonshine. The Saturn with a wooden tone ring is my go to banjo. My Moonshine with a Tubaphone tone ring comes in a close second. Old shoulders and arthritis demaded lighter instruments and these live up to that demand and more than hold their own in a jam. I don’t think this one will last long at that price.


It is gone :slight_smile:


Boy you are some salesman, :heart_eyes:


I just sold another one of these to Vince in Georgia…y’all let me know if you’re interested!