NCAAM TourneyTalk


How about that last second shot to WIN against Houston! Sorry Ben.



How 'bout them boys from College Station over the defending champs?


We Ags have both our ladies and guys in the Sweet 16, and I’m pretty stoked about that! I would have NEVER guessed they’d handle NC that way. Long road ahead!


A&M was fantastic. What is amazing about all these upsets is that the vast majority are beat-downs, not the result of a last second fluke shot or a bad call (though I have witnessed plenty of those). UVA - trounced, UNC throttled, Zona embarassed. It is crazy. Being a UK fan it has been encouraging… we started in this year’s version of a region of doom. Looked like we’d play 2 of the top 5 odds getters (Zona then UVA) by the third round. Now seeds 1-4 in the region are out and UK is the highest seed still kicking. These lower seeds are playing well. History was already made with the 16 seed win, it wouldn’t surprise me to see further unprecedented results.


They sent UNC out crying to their mommy talking about how the big old mean boys hurt their whittle knees.


Kentucky looked as good as any team I have seen for Uk in the last few years. Everything was clicking. Real confidence, unified team and coordinated effort. Their hustle wasn’t clumsy attempts to get ahead like most of this year. They played like 6 All Americans should play.


Check out the last couple minutes in the ladies’ A&M vs. DePaul game…it’s worth it. 4th greatest comeback in tournament history from down 17:



What was I thinking? I apologized because of the TEXAS connection with the Houston loss… but I know you are truly an Ags fan - and took down the mighty Tar Heels, you did… so CONGRATS on the HUGE WIN! Defending Champs… no more…

Seems our boys will be squaring off against each other… so I will say this here and now…

May the best team win on Thurs. night… and whomever wins THAT game… (be it the Ags or my Wolverines), I will pledge my full support the rest of the way this year.

After all, SOMEONE HAS to knock those all too familiar teams (UK, Villanova, Kansas, Zaga or Duke) out once and for all, right? I can’t tolerate another trophy grab from those “favorites”!

Best of luck to your Ags… cuz UM is heading West to greet them… as our fight song says…

HAIL! To the Victors Valiant,
HAIL! To the conquering Heroes,
The leaders and best

HAIL! To the Victors Valiant,
HAIL! To the conquering Heroes,
the Champions of the WEST!



Smart move at end to foul and break up that 3 seconds to score.


I thought so too! Great coaching.


A&M Ladies played well against ND. Fun game to watch.

Got to cheer for Loyola on the men’s side the rest of the way. Plus it is against all human nature for an ND fan to ever want UofM to win at any thing (unless they are playing Ohio State of course)


All I have to say in reply is… GO BLUE!

Especially when we face them Buckeyes, of course! :smirk:


They are playing against each other in the Frozen 4. That will be a good game. Really glad ND Joined the Big 10 this year in hockey. Even more glad that they won the Big 10 championship in their first year.




Congratulations. Loyala was good but UofM is no Joke.


Thanks Steve -and that means even more from a ND fan.

We might not like our opponents up here in the Midwest but we respect good play - so thank you.

It will take Michigan’s Best Game to have any chance with Villanova. GO BLUE!


Steve, Congrats to the ND Ladies on a nice buzzer-beater to take the title! IMPRESSIVE!