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National Anthem

Looking for a good beginner tab for the Star Spangled Banner that you can build on as you progress with your playing. Key of G

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I second the request… and even chime in with an endorsement request for O Canada… cuz Canada is our neighbors up here in Michigan. In fact, there is a very small sliver of Michigan near me where Canada is the first country you reach… when traveling SOUTH - if you can believe that!

Don’t know if there are many Canadians who are members… but I got your back!

I just found this that looks about as simple as it gets.

I also just found this video of the Nedski playing it. Now that I know who he is, I’m seeing him everywhere!

I haven’t found anything that’s really what I’d call Scruggs style yet. I may have to make this a project if I can’t find something.


I found these two .tef files on banjohangout, but I haven’t even listened to them yet. Just thought I’d pass the files along.

star-spangled-b-1357.tef (2.7 KB)
star_spangled_banner-2189.tef (1.5 KB)

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Thanks I’ll check them out

I need to tackle this one for sure.


I’ve download Tef play and tef view on my android lg v20 and I can’t get any songs to open besides the default Holiday Rag. I have both star spangled banner tef downloaded and they show in the app is songs but won’t open. I finally got it on banjo open g and not guitar. Any clues what I’m doing wrong?

Using tef viewer on android I have to open the file menu and navigate to the downloads and open the downloaded files from there. It may only be displaying the default songs because you are in the default folder. Can you see the downloaded tef files in the viewer app? I will try to take some screen shots and reply.

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I haven’t played with the .tef reader on my andriod, but I might give it a shot just to see if I can help you out, but @cliff.killingsworth might be more help since he seems to be already familiar with it.

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No Hendrix-inspired version please! :astonished: I just would like to hear a nice canneling of Mr. Scruggs :cowboy_hat_face:

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Did some more digging last night and found the files and figured out how to switch the tabs from Guitar to Banjo. Also found where the files were on my phone. It’s kind of a confusing and labor intensive app I think and maybe for more advanced players than myself. For 6 bucks I doubt I use it much for now anyways, but it gives me somthing to mess with when I’m not able to practice on the strings. LoL

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