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Nathan Herring from Kuna, Idaho

What was it that first got you interested in playing the guitar, mandolin or banjo?
I enjoyed bluegrass music as a kid. Hearing the Beverly Hillbillies theme made the banjo an easy choice when decided what to learn. My father bought me a banjo and I taught myself for over 10 years.

How long have you been playing and what’s your motivation to play?
I started playing the banjo at 14 years old. I now play in my church during song service and with special music. My motivation is for others to be blessed by hearing it as much as I am blessed by playing it!

What’s your favorite lesson on Ben’s site and how has it helped you improve?
Right now I would have to say “Waypoints” is my favorite lesson. I’ve put it to use many times. His back-up banjo lessons are essential to learning outside the box.

What’s your goal when playing?
To be relaxed and have fun!

Are there any other instruments or genres of music that you enjoy playing?
I play the banjo, guitar (6 and 12 string), mandolin, ukulele, and harmonica. I love bluegrass, but my favorite genre is Appalachian Gospel. That old folk style of music is so much fun to listen to.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
My wife just gave birth to our 6th child (Nov 3rd), so my first thought was “I would just sleep more” :slight_smile: Our kids are growing up so fast, so I would spend that extra time with them.

How long have you been a Gold Pick member?
2-3 years, I believe. I’m a Lifer!

What do you do for a living?
I am an Assistant Pastor at South Valley Baptist Church in Kuna, Idaho. God is good!

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
The most amazing adventure would be to travel to the space station. To see earth from space would be pretty amazing!


Congrats on being GPotW, Nathan! Boy, when you imagine an adventure, you really pull out all the stops. Take a trip off the planet? That’s what I’m talking about!

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Welcome to the forum, Nathan and congrats on the GPMOTW. Great to have you!

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@Nathan, Congrats on the GPMOTW. Great bio. Cool idea on the adventure question.

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Congrats Nathan on being selected this week GPMOFW. What a great ambition I hope you get to fulfil it someday. Maybe you could take your banjo and entertain the ISS Crew

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Congratulations and welcome, Nathan! That is a great bio right there! You play a whole lot of instruments, which I think is awesome (being a multi instrumentalist myself). Congratulations on your sixth baby, that’s awesome too! The world needs more big families. Your goal is a great one, that everyone should strive to achieve. Thank you for your ministry service at your church, and be blessed!
P.s. hey leaders, @Archie, isn’t this topic supposed to be in the #gold-picker-of-the-week category?

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Hi @Dragonslayer I guess you need to wrap @BanjoBen 's knuckles he is the one that posted it.

Yeah, I just didn’t want to bother Ben, and thought you could move it

Amen to that! (I’m the oldest of 11):grin::rofl:

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I’m sending a pm now

Thanks Mr. Slayer. The thread is moved :grinning:

Good to get to know you Nathan! You bio brought up an interesting thought. I might be able to match stage volume of a banjo if it is in outer space… maybe.


Glad to be of service!

Thank you! You gonna dream big, right? haha

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Thank you! Yes, the world does need big families :slight_smile: We’ll have our own family bluegrass band before we know it!

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Thanks! It’s great to be here!

Thank you! This forum is great.

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Thanks! Playing the banjo in outer space would be pretty sweet! I wonder if it would sound any different?

Congrats Nathan.

@nabo1986 it great to meet you! I do like you answer about what you would do if you didn’t have to sleep. Kids do grow up fast and we have a lot of influence on them when they are young!

Congratulations Nathan. Good to meet you