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Nashville Numbers in Action by Wayne Benson

One of my favorite mando pickers, Wayne Benson, just released this video. I want my campers to see the Nashville Number System being used in real life:


Love Wayne Benson! Wow this IS fresh off the press, vid released bout half hour ago, havent even had chance to check it out yet! Looking fwd to watching it, thx for highlighting it here!


That was great.

A question: If I were doing something like what he described, I would have typically left song 1 as the chord names (Em) instead of converting to Nashville (6). Outside the possibility that the key might change, what is the advantage of going to numbers? In this case it seems like the singer has already set the key and going to numbers would convey less information. Not saying there is anything wrong with NN, I just don’t see the advantage in that instance.


I think that’s why he left it in letters. The advantage would be for the guitar player that may be playing out of a different position using a capo. It would be rare in this case but possible.


Great vid, thanks for sharing!

Because it’s cool. :nerd_face: