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Name change request

As does mine.

Yes, it truly is a horrible condition for all involved.

My Mom’s 91, has extreme dementia. Sometimes she cant eat due to forgetting how to swallow, or talk due to severe slurring, the list goes on. She doesn’t recognize us, but she absolutely loves to hear the guitar or mandolin being played, still makes her smile.


I would not wish that disease on my worst enemy
my wife is not to the point where your mom is yet but I see changes in her everyday that I know it is coming and there is nothing I can do about it accept just try to make her smile everyday and keep her as comfortable as I can so I play well I will re fraze that LOL try to play my mandolin for her
My wife was doing pretty good up until April 1,2019 I took a chance letting her Daughter spend time with her just so I could take a break for an hour or two, I went to visit some of my family and the next thing I know I received a call that I never expected, with my wife being with her daughter, my wife had slipped away from her daughter and got struck by a hit and run driver, she told the paramedics she was trying to find her way home, because she wanted to see me so now I just cannot trust her care to anyone else, it is exhausting but I do keep going, I have took all sorts of security measures so she does not get out the doors, and different things but I still find it really hard to get any sleep, now to get sleep I have my daughter come over about once a week and guard the doors so my wife does not go out I get about 3 hours of sleep per week that way, but I would not trade the time I have with her for anything else.

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