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My "twanger" showed up today

OMG my fingers are going to hurt tonight. This thing is LOUD compared to my Deering Goodtime. Wonder if the wife will notice

Anyone else’s arrive today or recently??

Thanks @BanjoBen and @Jake

Better pictures for sure to come but can’t stop playing right now


Aren’t they just gorgeous? I got mine last Friday. Posted a video last night playing it.

I liked the tone of the factory strings OK, but they were a bit heavy for my taste. When I put a set of GHS PF140s on it, it just came alive! Plus it’s so much easier to play with lighter strings.

I’m so glad I got in on the first run. The Twanger is a BEAST! :slight_smile:


Just got 16 of 36 today. So excited to play it tonight!


Same here @stingray72…mine arrived today too! A NEW BANJO! Actually left work early today. :rocket:
I have a Deering Goodtime too (3rd hand), and I’m with you…The Twanger IS LOUD by comparison…and HEAVY! It’s #29 of 36, and it’s a beauty like yours. The tuners sure are smoother and easier to adjust. The inlay work on the fret board is beautiful, and there are dot markers on top of the neck. I love your floor stand, by the way.

I followed @Mark_Rocka 's advice (thanks for the tip, Mark) and put on a set of GHS PF140’s as well, and a new strap. The factory installed strings were a lot heavier than I normally play. This monster will take some time to adjust to, but it sure sounds nice. A NEW Banjo! I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go but up. :arrow_up:

Played now for about an hour, and I’m already in need of a break (fingers and back). May need to tinker with the strap some more. Did I mention I got a BRAND NEW BANJO? :grinning:

Thanks @BanjoBen and @Jake!


Congrats! Where can I get one of those banjo stands?

Hi Jamie, yep got mine today as well, it’s purty.


We need video!


:rofl::joy::sweat_smile: :crazy_face: :thinking: :hugs::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

@Treblemaker & @xmark - I bought it when was local to me in Atlanta. They’ve since moved shops way down I-85

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I’m so excited for y’all!


129.00. Yyyyyeeaahhhh. I may be waiting a bit.

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very nice looking and sound banjo just stop rubbing our UK noses in it… lol


So miffed that UK dealerships don’t stock these babies.

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I agree @Mark_Rocka it’s time, no more excuses now that Missy owns a Twanger. Time to stop polishing it and start playing it.

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Hi @BanjoBen does the Twanger have have a Gold Tone model number ? Is it only being released through your dealership. as a limited issue or will it go to dealerships world wide?

It will eventually go to all Gold Tone dealers, including Europe, with model OB-3. However, I’ve secured exclusivity for a while. It will be sometime in early 2020 before you see them offered through other dealers. If you do see them before, please let me know :wink:

Ha! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: and our African noses too :grin:


Wow @BanjoBen check out NASA’s Latest Mars Orbiter Image



Just seen one £100 could you price match and send one please :grinning:

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Hey, if you guys love your Twangers, I bet it would help Ben out if you went over and left a glowing review about it in the General Store.