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My son is entering the Marine Corp

Hi folks,

Just writing to request prayer as my youngest son, Thomas Sims, is joining the USMC and leaves for Parris Island SC in Sept. 2020. Please pray for his safety as he goes through Boot Camp and for his Integrity and spirit stay strong through the process.
Thank you


Hi Dean, welcome back. Thanks for sharing that. I know there’s many of us here that will appreciate what he is doing and will thank him for his service, so please let him know that.

I bet you’re proud of him and probably a little nervous about it too. We appreciate you and your sacrifice as well, and for raising such a young man. All the best to Tim and your family and y’all will be in our prayers.


Adding your son Thomas and your entire family to my prayers.


In my prayers…


Please let Thomas Sims know that people he will never meet appreciate what he is doing and what he will do. Thank you Thomas, and Dad too.


We are grateful for his service and wish him well.


Very nice. Thanks in advance for his service. Sept. is a good month to go in, that’s when I entered, should be back home to you and family by Christmas. Wishing you all the best!


Hi Dean

Best wishes to your son from an auld British Army Veteran.

Semper Fidelis march by John Philip Sousa, the official march of the United States Marine Corps. Composed in 1888. “Always Faithful”. I have marched to this tune many, many times and it is one of my favourites


Semper Fi !

I know that this is short for Semper Fidelis… but it is what the US Marines say…


I believe so but I can’t say for sure Will. Our Corps motto is Certa Cito Swift and Sure



Indeed, it is true… as while I was only in the Air Force, the cry of ‘Semper Fi’ is widely known as a Marine phrase… and recorded here from Wikipedia…

" Semper fidelis is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal”. It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps, usually shortened to Semper Fi ".

I’m also moved by “Certa Cito” - that you shared with us from Scottish Corps… and equally as inspirational.

I am continually amazed how close Lain can be to Portuguese (a Latin-based language, I know… but still)… Semper Fi (Latin) = Sempre Fé (Pt.) AND
Certa (Latin) = Certo (Pt.)

It doesn’t always work because “Swift” is nothing close to Cito! :joy:

Still, I should and would like to study Latin.


Hi Will,

Not a Scottish Corps but The Royal Corps of Signals formed in 1920 from The Royal Engineers. This year marks our Centenary. Sir Winston Churchill signed the Royal Warrant which authorised the creation of the Royal Corps of Signals in 1920.

Our motto is from Latin and your right it doesn’t translate well but in essence it means quick and sure.

To deliver a message, by runner, horse, pigeon, cycle, motorcycle, morse code telegraph, telephone, switchboard, encrypted, landline, field telephone, wireless, voice, teleprinter, satellite, TV, Intranet and cellphone communications.

Our Corps pioneered military satellite communications the forerunner to the modern mobile phone.


What awesome insight @Archie!
.thanks for filling in the gaps (in understanding) for me!

I feel a bit silly for the “Scottish Corps” presumption… :joy::joy::joy:

Americans are quite naive to even the traditions found in the UK.

I find this history quite interesting.


It may surprise you to know that many American military units and Corps have historical connections with British military units & Corps. The British & Americans train together so there is an ongoing affiliation dating back to WW1


My old US Air Force unit used to exercise with the RAF 90th Signals Unit. Good professional camaraderie. Outstanding professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Best Wishes to DLS’s son. It will be challenging, but an excellent growth experience.


Where were you assigned and serve @fiveinseoul ?

I was at Barksdale AFB (8th Air Force, 2nd Bombardment Wing, SAC) for the majority of my 6 years.

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Hi @WillCoop. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. I was in Korea, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and Rhode Island. Also spent some time in Panama, England, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Never made it to 8th AF, but had plenty of friends who worked there.


Well, you saw the WORLD! :+1::smile:

I saw… Texarkana. :smirk:

I did see a lot of people who went to all those bases - working in Travel Pay. I once met the crew of the SR-71! THAT was interesting!