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My RK -35


Excellent! Thank you SO much for posting that, @TMac, and for your support of the General Store!


I see you are using a CooperStand. I recently purchased one from Banjo Ben’s General Store (“Read our local newspaper free with each order shipped.”)

I was stunned at the elegance of the CooperStand. So cleverly designed and solidly fashioned, and the fact that it really does fit in my banjo case with my banjo in it was astounding! It has made playing so much more convenient
And as they used to say in commercials, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, “Now available at popular prices!”


I am sooo happy for you @TMac.

I kinda feel like it is more than just a purchase!

I have never adopted (well, I have adopted a pet, but…) yet I feel like getting an instrument that becomes such a big part of life is actually pretty relatable. I mean… music is obviously a big part of our lives. There is a band out there that has - what I thought - was an incredibly clever name… called “Soundtrack of our Lives”.

Music is exactly that to me.



My Epiphone MB-100 Hollow-back died during the last challenge so I am in the Market.

So I am presuming you are happy with your purchase? Did you get any additional setup (spikes) and/or accessories? As I recall, this has a hardshell case, yes?

I bought my Mandolin from @jake so no need to sell me on his service as I know it is FIRST RATE!


It comes completely setup and with railroad spikes. I asked for one also on the 12th fret and they were happy to accommodate! It does not come with a case it is shipped in a very protected box.