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My Podcast Interview with Vince Moreno!

I was honored to sit down with one of the best musicians in Nashville, Vince Moreno, for his podcast “Music & Memories”. We talk touring life, the history of my website/business, and how important family is to us both.


Thank you Vince and Ben! That was definitely worth the time to listen to!!


WOW!!! Thank you for that most Intimate and open look into your experience’s and your life. When I came across your web sight and joined the life time membership I felt like I found a home and friends. I was sure It was not a waste of my time and hard earned money but it remained to be seen. Since then I have come to love the lessons, the people and the comradery that is Ben Clark. I feel I can call you friend (even though we’ve never met face to face But you have replied to me directly and I thank you for that as well.) We may never shake hands but I can say " Ya Banjo Ben Clark, What a great dude and one hell of a musician, He taught me so much and I highly recommend him and his General store for whatever your lookin for when it comes to all things Bluegrass. and More!!! Thank you again Ben for all you do . Jon M. :sunglasses: P.s. I’ll stand in line for your autograph SLINGSHOT!!! :rofl:


He might give you an “autograph” from 100 yards away :rofl:


Awesome interview @BanjoBen thank you for sharing!


It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been used for target practice !!! :sunglasses:


Listening to this reminds me of something my wife said to me decades ago when I was a radio DJ: “Sometimes you say things on the air you really shouldn’t be saying.”

It’s clear to me two friends sat down for a chat and kinda forgot someone might actually hear it! :grin:


COPY THAT!!! :sunglasses:

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Maybe Ben, you will understand the point of this:
Back in my DJ days, I once placed a mirror atop the studio mic with a label that read “ElectroVoice Ego Feeder.”
It was interesting to see who laughed and who got ticked off!


That is hilarious!!


Got ticked off!! :wink: hahaha

@BanjoBen I enjoyed the podcast. The stories about growing up with a sling shot hit too close to home. I recently found my old set of forks that me and dad made when I was in first grade. There are tons of YouTube videos on stringing up a slingshot using exercise bands. Well I strung mine up this morning and out to the gravel drive I went. I picked out almost round 1/2” rocks and nailed a small tree about 40’ away on the third shot.

I can see in the future that your camps might have to have a slingshot session/ competition.


@BanjoBen thanks for sharing this, and introducing us (me at least) to Vince Moreno’s podcasts. I’ve always appreciated how down-to-earth you and other folks in the bluegrass genre have been, and glad to know there are many others in the Nashville scene who share some of these same values.