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My Photography hobby

Red%20Tailed%20Hawk%20%20noisey%20birdI was just reading through some of the hobbies of folks on here. So, I thought I would share one of my passions, which is photography. I’ve only been doing it for almost 2 yrs. I really love it, lots of fun and adventurous. My big passion is weather shots…i.e. lightning, tornadoes, storms. Even though I have not had the chance to photograph a tornado I would really like to someday, possibly with someone who knows what they are doing. My main fascination is walking through old cemeteries. I love looking at the old headstones and wondering what life was like for them in their heyday. Plus I am a big history nut, I love to explore anything historical or old. Beautiful%20Texas%20Sunrisepvt%20in%20Civil%20warOldest%20headstone%20thereDancing%20light%20color-1Storm%20Clouds%20colorPreious%20drip%20of%20water-1


Nice shots Tye, the last one is my fav. I like the simplicity of it, the crispness of the branch and how the bird blends in. Almost missed the water droplet, made wonder what else I am missing.

I used to be way in to Photography, for many years, but I haven’t done much with it in the last 10 years or so. I also found myself walking around cemeteries and checking out old headstones and wondering what they were like and how they lived back when. I thought it neat when you mentioned that too.

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I really like it a lot. it just took me over 50yrs to find the things I like to do. There are sooo many cemeteries out this way, and some of them are out in the middle of nowhere. Truly fascinating study on the history of people that lived and moved here from other countries. Actually, this is the one I wanted to post.


I like it even better

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Thank you, Maggie. I could post photos I’ve taken all day long…lol. I am also a member of National Geographic-Your shot page. I post most of my photos there, at least the ones I think are good.

What’s the link? I think you can see my photos. I am in the “your shot” page(s). but I am a member so I don’t really know for sure. If you want to see my photos, go there and see if you can find me. If not let me know maybe I can email NG to find out how nonmembers can see photos.

Well, I went to the web site and found the your shot section. I didn’t see a search window though, I was search on your name. I’m probably just blind, I’ll go check it again.

@Maggie ok I think I have it figured out. Go to; in the upper right-hand corner, you should see a “menu” bar, click on it. there will be a drop down screen. on the right-hand side, the 5th line down should say “join your shot” click on that, you will be taken to another screen. on the top right you will see a “magnifying glass” click on that then there will be a search screen, click on the people circle and type my name on the line Tye Eggleston, and THAT should take you to where you can see all of my photos. Try that, It worked for me. If you are still having some issues, ill email NG. to find out.

What!!! NO “still life” Banjo Pic’s :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Archie Well, you know those wild banjo pickers. They are a rare breed here in San Antonio area. It’s really hard to track them down, little less take a photo of them. They love the attention, but trying to find the herd is rather difficult. But, if I happen to stumble across one actually playing, ill be sure to try and get a photo.


Hi Stick I spotted this rare bird sitting on some rocks. I think it’s a Lesser Spotted Noam Pikelny



@Archie Well, at least that one is spotted on occasion. Nice river. What no canoe in sight?.. I would kind of expect to hear “Dueling Banjos” and see Burt Reynolds in the background.

@Maggie. Were you able to see my photos on NG?. I just wanted to be sure I gave you the correct directions.