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My new original, little brown birds

So, I wrote this tune three days ago on mandolin, but when I recorded it yesterday I did on mandolin and fiddle, and on mandolin I accidentally played the b part thrice. That seems like unnecessary backstory, but it’s to explain why the video is a fiddle. It was a (slightly) smaller file, and it still took four hours to upload (on the bright side, it forced me to practice rather then being on here talking about practice) anyway, hope you enjoy it, it’s called little brown birds


Love it. Nice job.

Very nice Gunnar!

Bonus points for the painting of Luke :+1:

Sweet! :slight_smile:

Thanks, y’all! @Mike_R, I didn’t paint that, it was done by the uncle of some of our best friends, and they thought it was a little creepy (it always looks at you) so my brother won it in a Christmas white elephant gift exchange game.

Well, I now have sheet music for this tune if anyone wants it. (You can copy into tabledit and convert to tab I think)

Sorry I’m just now seeing this. That’s a really nice tune. Do you have any multitrack recording software so you can record your own backup? I’d love to hear it the way I’m sure it sounds in your head.

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Thanks! I have garage band, I’ve recorded one project on it, but I don’t have a mic, so sound quality was bad. I think there’s a mic I can use around here somewhere, and I’ll try to record it. I’ve also got some ideas for a basic banjo solo, so I’ll give that a try. I have a couple friends who can edit video, so I’ll make this the first project

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