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My New Baby.. lol

Hi All

Just thought i would share my excitement and appreciation to @BanjoBen for recommending the RK-75 its a great banjo and definite upgrade over my first banjo the Gold Tone CC-100R +

I will hopefully post some videos soon…



Looks pretty. Can you do a couple more shots a little closer upper? Would love see the detail.


Nice! Real pretty!

Wow. Frankly, I’m surprised at the great visual quality of this Banjo. I wonder if it sounds as great as it looks? Does the Record King banjo actually have a bell-bronze tone-ring similar to other high-end banjos? Just curious.

Yes it does have a brass tone ring and IMHO it sounds great… compared to my other banjo

Can’t say how it compares to others but Ben says they’re are great and that’s good enough for me :+1:

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Love it! Congrats on your new toy! :slight_smile:

Nice looking banjo Lee: :+1:

Congratulations @LG1…Looks great!

She’s a beauty! Can’t wait to hear some pick’n :grinning:

Thanks all and you can here it via the video swap page… Minor Mingle recorded on my iPhone :+1:

Cheers Mark