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My membership

Hello sir, about a month ago I tried purchasing a one month subscription to see how I liked the site and how helpful your lessons could be. I paid the $25 and still havent been credited with membership which I cannot figure out. I would still like to try the site so if you could contact me and help resolve this it would be greatly appriciated!

Hi Austin
Have you tried logining in and checking your Account details. Click on My Account top right of your screen and scroll till you see Membership Status if it says GoldPick your account is active.

You should have received a conformation email from @BanjoBen on joining but I know he has been pretty busy of late but I am sure he will be in touch with you soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Hey @auscottbowman, I just replied to your email. You had purchased a gift subscription but had not redeemed it. I redeemed it for you and you are now good to go! Check your email for more details, thanks!