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My last sermon

Some of you know that I serve on a church staff in Old Hickory, TN, as young adult pastor. Sometimes I fill in for our head pastor when he’s out. We’re currently going through Acts and here’s my sermon on Acts 18. The volume starts really low but gets louder:


“How good-a theologian are you?”

HA! Yeah, that IS the question, isn’t it? :slight_smile: I remember the first time I disagreed with my pastor. He told us that if we question what’s coming from the pulpit, we aren’t in line with God’s word. If I hadn’t been 17 and rode with my parents, I would have walked out of church right there. I just couldn’t accept that God wants a bunch of blind “Yes men.”

Good message, Ben. You look pretty natural up there. “Read the Bible out loud.” LOL!!! Good one.


Great message brother

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Such a good word. Thank you for letting the Lord use you in such a way.
Please post more sermons as you have opportunities to share God’s Word.

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We must read and hear God’s Word to be able to increase our faith in the Word . Paul said he would not have us ignorant.

I agree completely. DL Moody said he prayed and prayed for his faith to be strengthened, and it only happened by spending more time in God’s Word.