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My Check Boxes

All the boxes I had checked off have gone away. Anyone else have similar issues? :scream:

Yes I am experiencing the same problems

Thanks for the quick response Archie. Hope they come back soon.

Are you talking about on the learning tracks?


I have sent an email and will get back to you.

@BanjoBen I am not having that issue, if that helps any. I am using the latest Chrome browser. My checkboxes are all still checked. /university/beginner-guitar-checklist

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Thank you, @vanford1. It may be fixed by now.

Good news and bad news, friends. Good news is it’s fixed (the bug caused checks to disappear if multiple learning tracks were in use). The bad news is your progress was not able to be restored. I’m very, very sorry. Thank you for letting me know!

Well shoot. Now I have to start all over. :stuck_out_tongue:

No biggie brother…It’s all good.:grinning: