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My Banjo Buddy

If only he could speak what do you think he’d say?


Woof !

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More like Rough…:grinning:

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Awe! Those eyes!!

He’s an awesome dog we rescued 10years ago

Yeah, I’m with @Archie on this one.


If that dog can’t talk with his eyes, I don’t know what.

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Ahahaha…Thats given me my biggest laugh of the day Archie! :rofl:

Aaw he’s a lovely dog Lee. :+1:

I asked my Dog how my practice sounded and he said “ROUGH” ! :joy:


Thanks Jono he’s a great dog

First off, @Lee_G,

He is so cool - hangin’ by the music.

I bless my little one… She loves to be by me when I play… and I know it isn’t the quality of my playing that charms her. Lol. Probably the opposite, she is there in spite of it (ah… the affection dogs have for their owners)… but I digress…

My caption for you buddy: "Couldn’t you try one of the other songs you know? I mean… I like ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ as much as the next dog… the first 20 times… but…

Oh… and tune that thing!"

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Or… Maybe this one - @Lee_G… and one I hear too…

“Isn’t that your Banjo Mute I see over there?”

Someone should do that pic…

A dog fetching and offering a Banjo Mute to his master.