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Music Notation Option in TablEdit?

I would love to see a Leadsheet with the melody note and chord symbol option instead of Tabs only. I’ve been picking for 60 years and I also play a little Piano. The way I learn or create a piano arrangement for piano is to first memorize the melody. Then play the melod with the root bass note of the chord, then the melody with the root 3rd and 7 th and finally voicing the chords and harmonizing the melody.

Showing the Leadsheet can also help people be creative and create their own arrangements.

Just a note for the suggestion box.


Hey there, Randy! I don’t know if you mean a leadsheet or standard notation since you mention both, though those are two different things. When I hear leadsheet I think chord chart…maybe you mean something different.

If you’re looking for notation with chord symbols, I have that as well…you just need to know how to achieve that view using the .tef tab files. I’ve made a little video showing that here and you’ll notice that my chords are written above the measures in the tabs:

If you don’t have the free TEFview program to open the .tef files, watch this: