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Mothers Day Originals!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone! I joined as a Gold Pick Member this past month and have been having a blast learning and having fun with everyone. My Mother has been instrumental in forming my love for music. Some years back when I lived in California and couldn’t be with my Ma, my brother and I wrote a song for her as a present. It was also the first time I touched a banjo (a friend lent me one for a couple of weeks). Does anyone else have originals songs they have written for their mothers?!


What a great Mother’s day present!! That’s awesome & 1st time on the ole banjo - great job!! Great minds think alike @Dano22 Lol, I just posted a kind of similar topic about sending someone a piece of your music to brighten their day :grin:! Twas great to see your post and video and story behind it!
EDIT: just realized I used the word “great” 3x (4 if u count this one) in a matter of a few sentences :confounded::woman_facepalming:


GREAT Beards!!! Son’s should always think of there mother’s!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s!!!


@Simone Thanks for the comment! That was my first taste of the banjo. Fast forward 5 years and i am really starting to dig into it! I will have to find your post. Music is so good to brighten days and express feelings (love in this case).

@jon1 Thanks! My beard is nowhere near that length anymore but at this rate during quarantine who knows the possibilities!:crazy_face:


LOVE it…bulging bellies and all! :heart:


Love it!!