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More poplar songs

Love this ap but I wish it had more traditional bluegrass songs like foggy mtn, rocky top, Cabin in the hills, etc.


Hey, welcome to the forum! I think Ben can’t yet teach those songs (and others) because they’re still protected by copyright. He’s working on getting legal permission to teach them, but hasn’t got it yet

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Hey Danny! Welcome to the forum!

Gunnar nailed it. This site is Ben’s bread and butter, so he wants to keep everything 100% legal. He’s working on the technical and legal aspects of teaching copyrighted content, but it’s no where near as easy as you’d think to accomplish.

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I hear ya. The best part about this place is that you don’t just learn how to play individual songs, but you are taught how to do specific skills that can easily be added to other songs to spice them up a bit. Seriously, “Old Rugged Cross” with a few hammer-ons and slides completely changes that good ole’ tune!