Mockingbird -New Gibson Brothers album


The Gibson Brothers released a new album today called Mockingbird

Apparently they are trying to cross over to pop country

While I am a big fan and wish them success I almost lost my breakfast


I will look for it on Spotify


That’s a shame… I guess they have to make a living. (I haven’t heard it) I really hate that pop country has gotten so popular. The music is just dull, and the lyrics usually stink. Will there ever be anymore good country music groups like Alabama again?


I found it! It feels a little pedestrian… to be honest… but not sooo shabby for a listen.

I do acknowledge that when artists we like seem to “underachieve” -compared to other works we like… it is a letdown. It is as if we hold a sliding standard for each artist… which I find interesting.

A good example for me… is Band of Horses. Early albums were praised… then came Mirage Rock… which wasn’t received particularly well.

I personally didn’t think it soooo sub-standard… in its’ own right. It is when we build our expectations against past works where the critique seems to escalate.

On occasion, it goes the other way with exceeding expectations… but that seems much more rare…


The reason for this rarity is because when an artist releases their first album, they develop a certain fan demographic and then they have to do the same thing forever or people get mad, and eventually when the artist gets sick of what they’ve been doing, they change it and, invariably, someone gets mad


Exactly right… and it is all new and different. Obviously, that type of momentum is tough to sustain.

One band I like that has been achieving consistently is Lord Huron.