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Missing Vassar by Ricky Skaggs

Hey Ben,

someday, maybe do a lesson on all three instruments for the song “Missing Vassar” by Ricky Skaggs? I just heard it for the first time and it is amazing!! I think Albert Lee is the guitar player or Jake Workman. I know Ricky does the Mando and Jim Mills or Russ Carson does the banjo.

What do you think??

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I think Ben cannot yet teach copyrighted songs but I heard he’s working on getting legal permission

I have to agree with you @DLS, that song is great! In reality, that whole album is awesome.

It is Jim Mill’s on that break. Banjo Newsletter had an article about it and shared some tab to go along with it. If you’re not a Banjo Newsletter Subscriber you can purchase the tab for banjo for $2.


I love that song, I’ve looked for tab for it…though it would be way beyond my ability. Cant find any. What a fun diddy. Anybody found any yet?

Hi Peggy

Check out Tom Arri website if you can’t find what your looking for drop him a Tab Request

Thank you

I got it from them. Thanks for the tip.

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