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Missing peeps

I’ve been a bit absentee the past several months. But I have also noticed that Miss Maggie was MIA when I have logged in. I sent her a message and she she is going through a rough patch.
Would ya’all say some prayers for her during this time.
Thanks for being there,


@Peg_E Will do hope she is ok sending prayers her way


Definitely wrapping her up in prayers!!!

Keep us updated please.


I surely will Peggy gif


I had wondered why I hadn’t seen her around.
I’ll be praying!


I thought about that too lately that she wasn’t active. Hope she will be alright soon.


Here’s to Maggie coming back stronger than ever.

@WillCoop has been hiding out in his Kaczynski cabin too. Will has mentioned that he takes breaks from the forum from time to time, so I expect all is well. Hope he is working on some hot banjo licks rather than a makeshift nuclear reactor like one of his neighbors did.


Will do!


Hi gang,

Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers. Peggy made my day by checking up on me; I am indeed taking a break for a spell. I don’t think I’d refer to it as a rough patch though; I just have a lot of family issues to tend to, I’m getting back to work after a three year hiatus, and it seems I’m attending way too many funerals these days and the fact that most of them, including my uncle’s today, are on-line, is certainly indicative of these weird times.

I reckon I’ll be back and active sometime next year. I do miss you all and the community that exists here and I’ll be thinking fondly of you all. But please know, I’m well and just reorganizing my life a bit for the better.

All the best and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’re probably all anxious to get this year over with, so let’s hope that we don’t have a rude awakening like this the morning of January 1st… can I get an AMEN?



Amen @MissMaggie Sent a PM VSOB


Hi @MissMaggie. Sorry to hear of your loss, and glad you are doing ok. You will continue to be in my prayers and wish the best for you and yours this Christmas season, and beyond!!

Since when did you become a preacher, @MissMaggie? Glad to see you back, and hopefully more often next year! Maybe then we will revive our constitutional law discussions! Purely on subject matter to not get flagged. I’m sure @Mark_Rocka, and youngsters like @Michael_Mark would like to participate. I could use the research I did afterwards to successfully “pro se” defend a case with no words exchanged. In other words prosecution asked me to ask continuation of trial and then disappeared, (can you believe?!). And now it seems similar approach/argument is going to be employed in the SCOTUS for the presidential election case!

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I stop in from time to time.

Nice to be remembered. A tough year continues for me… but I won’t gripe when we are in the grips of this worldwide pandemic.

I and my family are healthy - and in these times, that is worthy of Thanksgiving.

For reasons I won’t get into, I needed a break but I am over them now and trust me when I say I am still an ardent supporter of BanjoBen and this community.

Hope all is well with everyone.

My Banjo has been busted going back to the days of the give-aways dueting the early days of “COVID”

My Mandolin has picket up the slack in recent months.

I miss you all and need to stop in more often.



Sincerely and devoutly, I will pray for you.

May God bless you and keep you… :pray:


Sadly, this did occur near where I live now @The_Mole but rest assured it was long before I called Commerce Township home.

We moved into our newly built home just 2 years ago.

It seemed to be a sad story of a bright kid who lost his way but he did serve his country in the Navy and Marines.

I considered to make a silly joke about not knowing that the Boy Scout had Nuclear Merit Badges… but the kid’s mom committed suicide and he died so young… Seemingly, troubled life on many levels which is no laughing matter.


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Keep safe and Well all


Back atcha. @Lee_G

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours…