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Midi for Windows ver. 8 - to use TablEdit


Do any of you know how to get a clean and free midi player? TablEdit doesn’t work because the midi out isn’t finding anything.

Maybe someone has had luck with getting TablEdit to produce sound - when it doesn’t?

Hi Will

Your computer sound card & speakers also has an effect the output. My PC sounds fine but my laptop sounds sh!!! (profanity is not permitted on this website)

You have another tread open discussing this same topic. See the comments I posted there also.

Archie, I just downloaded Audacity yesterday - because I stumbled across that… but still haven’t got it working just yet.

Just to rule it out and make sure I’m not overlooking the obvious… I can still use TablEdit in DEMO mode, right? Meaning, I don’t have to actually PURCHASE the software, do I?

That does bring up the question (probably should be a new topic) - if users have made the investment to purchase it…

I have already request Ben to - someday - devote a lesson the Hardware and Technology topics… where we can learn what he likes and doesn’t like… but of course, learning new playing styles and songs and backups and waypoint lessons are too valuable to waste a lesson on this right now.

Maybe someday…

You do not have to purchase it to play my tabs, no.

PERFECT - I thought so… Thx!

Hi Will.

Ok let me try to explain the difference. The Demo version of TablEdit is as it states a working demo to allow you to try out the software where you can create your own TABs. However this version of the software has built in limitations, you can only save about 15 measures. If you use it to print TAB it also prints a message saying DEMO Version or words to that effect obscuring some lines of TAB.

TefView Is for viewing and playing TABs. I also believe you can print TABs without the offending text.

Both versions allow you to load and play pretty much any size TAB. i.e. Ben’s TABs will play on both these versions.

The full version of TablEdit allows you to do all this stuff with regular free updates, plus it allows you to import TABs created in Guitar Pro, tabs created in a text editor which you can find on the internet that may need editing…

If you have no plans to create or edit someone else TABs. then there is no need to purchase the full version.

I hope this addresses all your questions

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Thank you Archie!

Perfect explanation.

I was successful in solving the issue… I’m not exactly sure HOW it was fixed. I did use my HP utilities to see out new drivers. I did install one - and then, the “Beats Audio” control panel was working (where it didn’t before). Next, I went into TablEdit and played it… and… POOF… it worked! Oh happy day. I now have metronome and Banjo (sort of a cheesy sound, to be honest) - but it is WORKING!

Thanks to all who tried to help.

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Excellent, It’s frustrating when something should work and it doesn’t. When I found this software about eight years ago I experience the same issues. But back then few people knew anything about the software and it took me several weeks before I got it up and running… My first port of call nowadays is YouTube. It’s amazing what you can learn,.

I know… I had aftermarket people who struggled on how to change my headlight bulb in a VW Golf I had some years ago. I went out to YouTube… discovered what I already knew - that there was very little access for hands… but… there was a particular movement that had to be done to release the bulb. I have since forgotten the details - but do remember that YouTube was the solution!

I also agree about the frustrations of something that should work, Archie. I mean… I could see the line move and also see all the tab… but doggone it, I wanted to hear it… and having the metronome is great too.

Anyway, thanks again!