Mean Mary James


Was able to see Mean Mary James last night at the Woodsongs Olde Time Radio Hour in Lexington. One of the major benefits of living in Ky.

She is a great banjo player and person. Check out some of her stuff. Highly recommend.


Listen to her on Google Play All the time. She’s one of my Top 5 for boat drivin music. Iron Horse is one of my favorite tunes of hers and Rose Tattoo


Yep, I’ve been hooked since @Woody first mentioned her!


Just… WOW!


Got home last night checked out my mail and this was in




What she wrote Love, Mean Mary to you too!? I thought she only did that for me! lol




Move over ol Dog cause a New Dogs movin in hahahahhhaha


She already got a dog in that house so we both going to the shelter.


:weary::confounded::dizzy_face: oh well. Least we still got her music