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Marty Stuart’s new show

I just saw it this week and really liked it. Wish it was longer than just 30 minutes!

I also saw Dailey & Vincent… and enjoyed that too?

Is there any other shows others want to recommend?

I don’t get to watch any TV so I’m no help, but I do wish I got RFD to see Marty, et al.

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Hey Ben, did you read I saw your sisters on RFD TV a few months back with Asleep at the Wheel? Great show! There was another sister act there, but I can’t remember their names. And I think it was Junior Brown playing guitar.

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Cool! Perhaps they were playing with the Quebe Sisters? These are from a PBS show called Bluegrass Underground…this was a killer show!

Here’s one my sisters wrote and the Quebes would do:


I didn’t get to see much of Bluegrass Underground. It looked good though.

Reno’s Old Time Music is probably my favorite. It comes on right before Marty Stuart and I didn’t know Marty had a new show!

Well, now you know just in time to. Arch episode 2 this week.

I really enjoyed Marty’s show - and let me be clear… I know from a previous Ben post… he’s an early riser. Further, I don’t watch too much TV… but for sports and some other random stuff.

Ben, DVR… or Digital Recording is how I catch these… just set and forget, then watch later… and breeze through commercials.

A technology blessing for sure.

Final point… in a general way, I sooo respect those who watch little to no TV… not to mention avoiding iPhone and Social media (this Forum doesn’t count, does it? :wink:) AND I cut down cuz I have little time… but I don’t see myself letting go of TV for good.

Still, I think DVR also help keep that time to a minimum.

Yep, it was the Quebe Sisters, and it was on Reno’s Old Time Music.

Incredible singin’, pickin’, and musicianship!

Quebe sisters are coming up to my neck of the woods here pretty soon. Too bad they’re not bringing the Purple Hulls with them. I’d make the short drive if they were.