Marty Stuart’s new show


I just saw it this week and really liked it. Wish it was longer than just 30 minutes!

I also saw Dailey & Vincent… and enjoyed that too?

Is there any other shows others want to recommend?


I don’t get to watch any TV so I’m no help, but I do wish I got RFD to see Marty, et al.


Hey Ben, did you read I saw your sisters on RFD TV a few months back with Asleep at the Wheel? Great show! There was another sister act there, but I can’t remember their names. And I think it was Junior Brown playing guitar.


Cool! Perhaps they were playing with the Quebe Sisters? These are from a PBS show called Bluegrass Underground…this was a killer show!

Here’s one my sisters wrote and the Quebes would do:


I didn’t get to see much of Bluegrass Underground. It looked good though.

Reno’s Old Time Music is probably my favorite. It comes on right before Marty Stuart and I didn’t know Marty had a new show!


Well, now you know just in time to. Arch episode 2 this week.

I really enjoyed Marty’s show - and let me be clear… I know from a previous Ben post… he’s an early riser. Further, I don’t watch too much TV… but for sports and some other random stuff.

Ben, DVR… or Digital Recording is how I catch these… just set and forget, then watch later… and breeze through commercials.

A technology blessing for sure.

Final point… in a general way, I sooo respect those who watch little to no TV… not to mention avoiding iPhone and Social media (this Forum doesn’t count, does it? :wink:) AND I cut down cuz I have little time… but I don’t see myself letting go of TV for good.

Still, I think DVR also help keep that time to a minimum.


Yep, it was the Quebe Sisters, and it was on Reno’s Old Time Music.


Incredible singin’, pickin’, and musicianship!