Maple syrup


Sap is running here in central WI. I have a kettle boiling right now. We refrigerated some of the sap straight from the tree and it tasted great. Its still to cold to take the banjo outside for the boil.


I live in a 'burb of St. Paul. When you get some of that good homemade syrup done, give me a shout! Nothing better than homemade syrup and pancakes. I might even bring my mandolin and we can pick a bit!


Oh man! So jealous. We buy nothing but pure maple syrup here, but I bet it doesn’t compare with making it yourself. That’s the good life, right there.


It never ceases to amaze me how so much liquid can produce so little syrup. Its awfully good @Mark_Rocka especially when you make it yourself. I’m hoping I didn’t boil it to long but Maple candy is pretty yummy to. @mnosretep if you ever get South/east at least to Wisconsin Dells shoot me a message. I can’t guarantee the syrup as I’m a one man operation with lots of relatives, but that jamming sure sounds fun.


Nothing like makin’ sirup! Our maple syrup season ended in February. but I managed to get almost a gallon from the trees in my yard. This is 'bout the only time I wish our weather was more like Wisconsin’s. :slight_smile:


The verdict is in, my first batch of maple syrup will be softball candy. I’m using wood to cook this year and I’ll have to be more careful and maybe even break down and use the thermometer.:sweat_smile:


@dougfish - I understand that syrup making can be challenging, however, nothing is better on a stack of 'cakes than 100% pure maple syrup! As for jamming… I do not get that far east too often, but if I ever do, I will be sure to let you know.


Hey Doug! I make maple syrup as well! I am around Appleton, WI. I am planning on finishing my first batch of about 4 gallons tomorrow! The trees have been running pretty good. How many taps do you have? It is cool that other people here on the site make syrup! :grinning:


Hey Micah, Nice hearing from a fellow Wisconsinite taking advantage of Bens’ teachings and sapping besides. I’m running 4 taps and as you say the trees have been running good. The 4 taps are producing 3 to 4 gallons of sap per day per each so I’ve been boiling 12 to 16 gallons per day. The sugar content seems good and the 40 to 1 ratio seems to be about right as I’m getting about a quart and 1/3 per boil. I hope your finishing is going well today! I’ve been fighting the wind the last 2 days and even went thru a mini blizzard today. Let me know how the finishing went and how many taps your running.


I am not sure if I will be able to finish today or not, but I will let you know when I do. I cook outside with wood in a 2 x 3’ pan. I usually bring it in the house to finish it. Right now I have 59 taps in.
I usually average around 30 gallons to one for sugar content.
Where in Wisconsin are you?


Wow 59 taps! I was afraid to put 2 more in. Sounds like you have a nice setup. After the trees budout I always say I’m going to have a better setup for next year but then I always end up with this Mcgyver looking setup. But I cooked another quart and a half today so I’m happy. I’m just north of Wisconsin Dells.


Y’all are in some mighty fine whitetail country…just saying :wink:




WOW! I have a whole new appreciation for syrup!


My son with one from out back.


The picture didn’t come through…bummer! Try again, please!




Nice! Thanks!


Well I’m done boiling sap for this year. It took me 10 days to boil down approximately 65 gallon of sap into 2 gallon and 2 pints of maple syrup. As I say every year at this time, I have to get a better setup for next year. The cheapest factory made cooker is around $1200.00. I could make one out of block and firebrick cheaper and I think this is what I’ll try. Of course this is what I say every year. I hope all you other boilers had a good year.


There’s only one thing better than homemade maple syrup on pancakes…
That would be homemade maple syrup on blueberry pancakes!