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Okay, So I am having a hard time learning mandolin. I really want to sing and want to play songs and sing songs I enjoy. Can you do that with the mandolin? Will it sounds good? I’d rather not start all over on a new instrument, because of the time I spent learning and also I don’t have to money for another. Can I sing my heart out on a mando? or is it just a back up instrument, I haven’t found one song that I can sing too on here, It’s just picking.

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Mandolin is a great instrument to sing and play to!
A Friend I used to play in a band with travels all over doing it as a solo act…

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You can definitely sing with mandolin, check out Sierra Hull for some great examples of that

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Mandolin may not be the best instrument to play and sing along with, solo but it far better than a tuba :+1:

Dave, nice suggestion. Brian Oberlin is pretty awesome, I hadn’t heard him before.

Here’s a song I like playing and singing with.


Seriously, if you want to mostly sing and play an instrument to go along with your singing, learn the guitar. It is easier to play simple sing-a-long stuff and less expensive to get a decent instrument.

I learned how to play the banjo from this site and play a little mandolin. I really like the sound of the mandolin but it depends where your priorities are.