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Mandolin Strap -- where to wear

I’ve always played mandolin while sitting. I have an occasion to play standing, so I want to try a strap. I have a scroll-style mando body.

I’ve seen people install and wear straps in different ways – one end on the peg at the back and the other at the nut as opposed to at the peg and wrapped around the scroll.

I’ve also see the strap around the neck or just over the right shoulder.

Nut/Scroll - Neck/Shoulder - Which way do YOU wear it and why?

Thanks in advance.

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I wear mine over the neck and shoulder, and attach it at the scroll. I think the main reason people would attach at the peghead would be if they have an A style, though I’ve seen it done with F styles. I think the mandolin feels more secure attached at the scroll and over the neck but it’s kind of a personal preference thing.


I do it the same as @Michael_Mark.


Just over one shoulder & attached at scroll works fine for me.

I find it easier to move the instrument away from my body when needed for volume at times.


I attach it at the neck (A style equivalent of at the scroll) and wear it over shoulder and neck, because I feel like it balances better and doesn’t try to fall off


I do F style thru scroll and over neck & shoulder. A style thru nut and over neck & shoulder. I always do both neck and shoulder cuz I’m not entirely graceful and it appears to be my safest option lol :grimacing: :grin:


I have an f-style and loop around the scroll as others have said.

As long as we are talking mandolin straps… I have a Golden Gate strap. Although I’m tall, I feel like I have to make the strap as short as possible for the mando to hang in a comfortable position. However, making it as short as possible causes the strap create an awkward loop and not hang flat. A photo is below to supplement my poor explanation. I suspect I might be doing something wrong. If I back it off a loop (making the strap longer) then it lays flat. But then I would need to grow taller. I can’t imagine how tall I would have to be to use it at its longest length.

Anyway, is it what it is? Or am I being a bonehead and connecting it wrong?