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Mandolin setup

One of my E strings on my Eastman 515 sounds the fret 1/2 step up at the 9th and 10 frets. Do I need to adjust my bridge or file the frets?

only one? might be time to change strings.

Are there visible grooves in those frets under the offending string?

Do you have a high/loose/bent fret possibly? a small straight-edge can answer this…

Do you get the same note when chiming and when fingering the strings at the 12th fret? If not your bridge may need adjusted…

High action can cause higher notes…


Thanks for the reply Fiddle_wood.
Only 1 E string. No grooves (new mandolin). Just started doing this. It occurs on the 9,10, 12 frets and sounds 1/2 step above where it is noted (ie., hitting the next fret up.

I take that back. Just discovered that it is sounding on the 11th fret every time. ie., when I note the 9th, it sounds the 11th, etc. I think I have a high fret at the 11th.

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Take a look and see if that fret wire is not all the way in the fret groove.


yes, I put a straight edge on it and it’s high. There seems to be evidence on the edge of the fret that it may have moved in the groove.

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Give us a call at the store and ask for Justin. He’ll walk you through the best way to take care of that.


Thanks Ben. I “adjusted” it with my fret hammer and it sounds good now. I don’t know why it suddenly popped up though, so I may need Justin’s help in the future.