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Mandolin Mutes

Hi All

i cant seem to find a way to dampen the sound for practicing late at night…

Any ideas.


One thing you can do is take a couple pieces of foam and stuff it in the f-holes.

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I wonder if a banjo mute would work. I’ll try to test that out when I get home.

Surely your playing is not that bad Lee.

Lol… I e not got it yet but I know the best time for me is late on and I know the wife will be on at me :grinning:

Will try that Ben thanks

The UK is terrible for stuff as I had to get my banjo from Ireland, I can’t find a Snark banjo adaptor or a used Eastman mando or a Lakota strap and the list goes on… few… windge over

Muting a mandolin? :astonished: I can barely hear mine, I wish it was louder.

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Learning to play softly can be great for relaxation, dexterity, speed, longevity and accuracy…

as well as marital longevity!

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Well, I tried the banjo mute. Mine wouldn’t fit on my mandolin bridge. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

No probs and thanks for trying… I’m sure it will be fine :+1: